• I love these toilets but it seems they are built different from traditional toilets, correct?

Yes, you will need 3 parts to your wall hung toilet: carrier, actuator button, toilet bowl with a toilet seat. Unlike other distributors we sell our toilet bowls together with toilet seats to make life easier. 

  • Does the toilet come with the seat or is it sold separately?

Our new line of toilet bowls come together with the seat. 

  • How does it flush?

The actuator button located above the toilet releases the water from the concealed water tank. The tank is integrated into the toilet carrier. All wall hung toilets use double flush system to save water and to meet water consumption requirements. 

  • Does the carrier come with a standard button?

All  buttons are purchased separately unless you buy the whole set. See our buttons selection here.

  • What is the maximum load the toilet is designed for?

Max load is 400 kg = approx. 881lbs.

  • Once installed - how to access the plumbing connections?

The actuator button is removable and provides access to plumbing connections.

  • What are the carrier dimensions?

You can download the dimension document in the downloads section.

  • I am concerned about the tank sweating inside the wall and getting mold in there. How does it work?

Our tank is thermally insulated preventing any water condensation.

  • I am worried that the system may be noisy.What can help with it?

Noise level is not greater than with traditional toilet. Our carrier package contains sound deadening foam that helps with additional sound insulation.

  • Does it work with pex pipes?

Yes it does but as with any plumbing fixtures you need to consult with your plumber to see how to plumb this toilet in your area to meet local codes.  

  • Does the carrier ship will all parts (bolts, gaskets etc, other than toilet and actuator plate) that are required for the installation?

Yes - everything you need for the               carrier installation is included.

  • Can the height of mounting the toilet bowl be adjusted?


  • What is the flush rate for the carrier?

Both standard and slim carriers have dual flush water tanks with 0.8 GPF (small flush), 1.6GPF (big flush).

  • IF I want to choose a different finish for the button than the one I ordered - can I exchange it?

We accept returns and exchanges for any item within 30 days of the original purchase date. Product must be unused and in original condition - please see our Return Policy here.


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